World Container Port Handling Volume Ranking in 2020(the latest)

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Today, I would like to talk about the top 100 container ports handling volume in the world for 2020 according to Lloy’s List in UK.

Lloy’s List is a historical shipping journal that has been publishing shipping news in London since 1734.

Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 7th Sep. 2021

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Economy grew even with Corona disaster

Last year (2020), corona started to spread and the infection became more serious in many countries. So, I thought with this news that the world’s cargo handling volume might have decreased.

However, the global container handling volume in 2020 increases by 2.5% compared to 2019.

The growth was by 4.8% in 2019 compared to 2018.
Thus, although the growth slowed in 2020, my personal impression was that the global economy grew strongly even with Corona disaster.

Container handling volume slows in China

The notable one is China. In 2020, port volume overall in China growth was less than 3%.

This is because that there was trade war between U.S. Trump administration and China, which has shown down trade between the two world powers. The Trump administration had put America first.

The reduced trade from China was then shifted to other Southeast Asian countries.

China, World’s No. 1 Container Handling Volume

Nevertheless, China’s transportation volume accounts for 40% of the total container handling volume in the world. After all, the world’s largest population and its presence as the world’s factory have a great influence.

Ranking of World’s Container Ports in 2020

Let’s take a look at the ranking of container ports handling volume in 2020.

1st: Shanghai
2nd: Singapore
3rd: Ningbo
4th: Shenzhen
5th: Guangzhou

The influence of Chinese ports

There are four Chinese ports in the top five.

Shanghai has been in first place for 11 consecutive years, and Singapore, in second place, is famous as a world hub. It is because that it does not have volume of production and consumption, but the large number of handling containers as a hub.

As for Ningbo in third place and Shenzhen in fourth place, in 2021, there were cases of corona infections among port workers and some terminals were closed, which caused major disruptions in international logistics.

I have learned in practice that the closure of such the world’s third and forth place ports has a huge impact and can lead to major problems.

Container handling volume rankings at each region

Next, I would like to introduce the ranking of the ports that I personally found interesting.

【Ranking which IINO san is interested】
6th: Busan
10th: Rotterdam
11th: Dubai
12th: Port Klang
16th: Los Angeles
20th: Laem Chabang
25th: Ho Chi Minh
33rd: Jawaharlal Nehru
39th: Tokyo

The economy in terms of container handling volume

Busan and Port Klang are famous as hub ports in Asia. Rotterdam, ranked 10th, is a hub port in Europe and Dubai, ranked 11th, is a hub port in the Middle East and Africa.

Laem Chabang, 20th, and Ho Chi Minh, 25th, are not hub ports. We can see the strength of Thailand and Vietnam of Southeast Asia as production base.

India’s Potential as a Manufacturing Country

And Jawaharlal Nehru Port at 33rd place is the first port in India to be ranked. It is followed by Mundra Port at 37th place. Even though India has the second largest population after China, it is ranked 33rd for the first time, it shows that India is an IT powerhouse.

However, if India becomes more influential as a production base in the future, the power structure of port may change.


I personally think it is very interesting to see the flow of the economy from a larger perspective when we can see the flow of container handling volume as shown in this report.

Here is the link to the Lloyd’s report as follows, so please take a look.
the top 100 container ports handling volume in the world for 2020 according to Lloy’s List in UK