Truck Drivers in North America, Mass Turnover due to Mandatory Vaccination? More Confusion to Logistics ?

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Today’s theme is about mandatory vaccinations for truck drivers in North America.

Last week, U.S. President Biden announced a plan to combat corona in truck companies.

The plan is to make it mandatory for companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate their drivers, or to require weekly testing.

Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 15th Sep. 2021

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Some drivers resist mandatory of vaccine

Since there is the Delta variant of corona going around North America right now, the idea is to control the spread of the infection. However, the problem is that some drivers are resisting the mandatory vaccination.

If drivers have to have a vaccination, it is likely that a certain number of them will switch to companies with less than 100 employees where the vaccine is not mandatory.

Can’t display your products in retail stores?

As you all know, a large amount of cargo is being sent to the U.S. from overseas for the Christmas shopping season.

If the truck drivers don’t deliver the goods to the retailers, the retailers may not have them on their shelves.

If this happens, the truck company will lose credibility from the retail side and will be considered for switching to another truck company. The truck company must avoid this.

In that sense, securing truck drivers is a major issue at present.

Disruption of the supply chain due to driver turnover

However, about 97% of transportation companies in North America are operating with less than 20 trucks. Therefore, it is thought that this plan is mainly aimed at large companies.

If vaccination becomes mandatory for large companies, there is a possibility that there will be a mass turnover of drivers. And it could cause more confusion in the supply chain, which is already in disarray.

Fears of further logistics congestion

Large truck companies have their own distribution centers, and without drivers, cargo will languish there.

This means that containerized cargo at the port that was supposed to be sent to the distribution center will continue to languish at the port with nowhere to go.

The new regulations for drivers are not just a problem in the U.S., as it will cause further congestion to logistics.

The spread of infection from drivers

As for the subject whether corona is spread from drivers, in Thailand, where I work, there seems to have been such a case.

I have heard of a case that due to the contact with receiving a slip of paper from a driver infected with corona, it caused an outbreak of infected workers in the factory, and the factory was temporarily closed.

The truck company we do business with requires their drivers to be tested once a week, but it is questionable to what extent the testing alone can control the infection.

However, since there is not enough vaccine available in Thailand, we have to take whatever measures we can.


Returning to the subject of mandatory vaccination of drivers in North America, I had no idea that vaccination could lead to disruptions in the supply chain. That’s how tense the supply chain is right now.

I will keep you updated on this information.