Used Closing transportation! Most effective logistics for used clothing with baling in Thailand.

Shipped used clothing

“let’s take a look at baled transport for used clothing.”

The main concern you will have if you intend to ship used clothing, is the volume.
Each piece of used clothing is light and the volume is small,
but when you multiply this by a 100, or a 1000 units,
the volume will become large and bulky.

When shipping bulk volume, it will affect the cost of transport when transporting internationally.

logistics for used clothing with baling in Thailand on the video!

Baled units of transportation

When shipping used clothing internationally,
it is often shipped using the following methods.

・Loose used clothing is packed in a certain size of carton.
・Loose used clothing is compressed and packed into a baled unit.
When the volume is reduced, you can pack loose used clothing into a standard carton.
However, if you wish to deal as used clothing importer,
I suggest you send baled units to reduce the cost of transportation.

The Advantages of baling used clothing

Next, let’s have a look at the advantages of baling used clothing.

Advantage one is as explained previously, by reducing the volume by compressing the clothing, you can reduce the cost of transportation.

This is the key advantage when transporting used clothing,

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But there are additional advantages.!

Another advantage is that you can declare HS code as 63,09,00.
By sending baled used clothing, it is easy to meet the requirement of “used clothing”,
and you can declare the duty rate of 5.8%.

If you are transporting new clothing, on average,
you will be charged the duty rate of around 10%, so used clothing has a better duty rate.
Also, you will not be required to take pictures of the products.

When declaring to Japanese customs,
you will be required to submit additional documentation for the product.

If it is used clothing related items,
you will need to submit pictures of all of the products, and documentation for the material.

It takes a lot of trouble and time to take individual pictures of used clothing.
However, you will benefit by making it into a bale, as it reduces the required documentation.

Whether compressing clothing has much effect?

Now you know the advantages for bailing used clothing.
You may wonder, “whether compressing clothing has much effect?”

We will show you picturs of used clothing being compressed.
The video is supported by “NIPPON47 Company Limited”.
They specialize in handling used clothing.

What will happen to used clothing,
once it is compressed using a machine which weighs 1.2 tons and is 3m high.
Let’s take a look at the process.

First of all, please take a look at the volume of used clothing.
There are two cartons of used clothing, and we will compress them.

This is how we set up and once the machine is started, the used clothing will be compressed.
Used clothing will be banded once compressed to complete the process.

It will be shipped abroad in this format.

Let’s check the actual figures

You can immediately see they have become smaller.

Before it was baled, the size was 62cm x 43cm x 40, in total of two boxes of 0.212m3.
After it was baled, the size is 53cm x 66cm x 43cm, in total of 0.15m3.

You can see that the size has been reduced by 30%.


Purchasing used clothing is one of the attractive businesses in Thailand.
A huge amount of used clothing is bulky, and it increases the transport costs.
As explained in this video, it is key to bale used clothing.
If you are interested in dealing with used clothing or making bales,
please contact NIPPON47.