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Today, I would like to tell you why I started making films.

It has been 6 months since I started filming in April this year.

While I was reviewing my actions for this year, I thought it would be interesting to tell you why I started filming.

Why Starting YouTube

Thailand entered national lock down with Covid-19 in April. It became my trigger to make films, as I was unable to conduct my normal business activities.

There were times when I had to stay at home, and I was unable to visit customers at all for sales activities.

I was considering other business opportunities and then I decided to become a YouTuber.

Initially it was just a thought or an idea. But eventually, I decided to become a YouTuber to enable me to deliver something.

Influence of COVID-19

There are other reasons why I became a YouTuber. Although Covid-19 is spreading worldwide now, we are still able to visit customers without any issues in Thailand.

However, we were not sure what it would be like back in April.

We were worried if we could actually be able to visit our customers for sales activities and also struggle to obtain new customers without sales visits.

I thought if we introduce logistics know-how on YouTube, we might get some interests from potential customers. This would enable me to visit customers and maintain business.

In fact, after 6 months filming, I am unsure whether I was getting more queries through the videos. However, I am able to see that more people are watching the videos daily.

Now, I have exceeded 2500 subscribers to the channel, and I would like to thank you very much for watching.

Why About International Logistics ?

There is one more reason why I started filming. My films are international logistic related such as Incoterms, B/L and Free Time, which are commonly used in the world.

I was releasing the films in Japanese first, then they were translated into English and Thai.

They would be useful to train Thai staff. My company employs 15 staff, and occasionally we hire inexperienced people.

To Train Thai Staff

Unfortunately, there have been times when we’ve employed someone with no experience, and once they obtained knowledge, they decided to leave.

It took time to train, and the effort I’ve put into training these people was wasted, and I decided to do something about it.

I decided to use YouTube and record international logistics know-how in Thai. When there is a new employee with no experience, we have to explain the company overview in orientation.

However, detailed logistics know-how can be explained and understood by watching videos.

To Answer Customers’ Questions

Also, when our existing customers have any logistics question, they will be able to understand easily by watching our video.

We fully utilize videos in Thai for customers and Thai colleagues to understand international logistics as well.

To Encourage Customers to Contact Us

My next objective is for you watch my videos and I would like to think this will encourage you to “Contact Ino-san for Thailand logistics”.

I upload the films in Japanese and English. If you are working in the international logistic industry, I wish you to think “Let’s use HPS for logistics in Thailand” after watching videos.

It was almost on a whim and hobby When I started to use YouTube, but I actually surprised myself after seeing the progress on YouTube after only 6 months.


Now, let’s summarize the contents. The reason why I decided to become a logistics YouTuber is because I had nothing to do because of Covid-19.

One of the reasons was, I thought that I might not be able to visit customers because of Covid-19 may have become “New Normal”. So I started YouTube as a new sales tool.

Another reason was for staff training, I translate videos into English and Thai to utilize training for both our staffs and customers staffs.

Lastly, as there are many universal words in international logistics, I upload videos hoping that you will remember me and think “Ask Ino-san for logistics enquiries in Thailand”.

I will do my best to upload videos, so please subscribe to the channel, like it and leave positive comments! I would love to hear from you!That’s all for today. Thank you, and see you next time.

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