Results report! How much money did I make in the first year of logistics YouTube?

Hello, it’s IINO.
I would like to broadcast IINO san’s Logistics Radio today.

Today’s theme is what it is really like to be a logistics YouTuber.

Recently, I have been using YouTube and audio media to transmit logistics radio. I’m sure many of you are wondering how logistics and YouTube go together, so I’ll share my experience with you.

Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 22nd Sep. 2021

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Why I became a logistics YouTuber

It’s been almost a year and a half since I started YouTube last April. The reason I started YouTube was because Corona disaster had spread and Bangkok was on lockdown, so I had no time to work.

I couldn’t go to work nor see my customers. How could I make contact with my customers under such circumstances?

I started this project with no particular motive, with the aim of sharing my logistics know-how with my staff since I had more time.

Logistics x YouTube

First, I’ll give you the scale of my YouTube for your reference.

The numbers for my YouTube activity as of September 2021 is follows:

Number of subscribers to my main channel: approx. 52,000
Number of subscribers to my Japanese channel: approx. 4,200

How much advertising revenue do I get?

With such number of channel subscribers, you might think that we are making some profit from advertising revenue. However, these channels mainly provide logistical know-how information, so the number of views is not so large.

So, the advertising income is about the salary of one of our Thai staff. In addition, it costs us about USD900/month to produce the videos.

When looking at the advertising revenue alone, it may not seem like there are any benefits, but in reality, I think we have gained a lot by starting YouTube.

The results of our first year of logistics YouTube

One year after we started YouTube, we had a new budget meeting with our management team. The following are the figures that we reported on the results of the past year.

1.Cumulative sales of customers acquired via YouTube: about 550,000 USD
2.Cumulative production cost of YouTube videos over the past year: about 11,000 USD

After another six months, I believe the total sales have easily exceeded 900,000 USD.

Which customers did we approach?

Our main customers for forwarders are (1) exporters, (2) importers, and (3) overseas agents. Since we post YouTube in Japanese, English and Thai, we have received more inquiries from shippers in Japan and Thailand and from overseas forwarders.

The approach from overseas forwarders is particularly increased. Since at the end of the video, I tell them to “contact IINO san for logistics in Thailand”, so a lot of forwarders are inquiring.


What I have learned through this experience and numbers is that it is important to try out new activities. Just start something actively. If you fail, you can just stop.

This time, I tried something new in the “expression of logistics”. I fully understand that the essence of logistics is to transport cargo, not to express it, and I never thought that I would be able to do so much new work through expression.

Just give it a try. There is always something you can gain, so I strongly recommend that you take action no matter what the situation is.