Signs of Congestion Relief at North American West Coast Ports! The effects of overcharging! Not optimistic yet.

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Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 6th Sep. 2021

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The Number of Offshore and Docked Containers dectreased

There was a news report that the number of container ships waiting to enter the West Coast of North America and the number of docked containers decreased.

For your understanding, I will explain LA and LB ports together. I hope you can understand it in a rough sense.

Number of Ships waiting offshore is;

As of Nov. 5th : 33 ships
As of Nov. 24th : 23 ships

The number of vessels decreased by 10.

The number of backlogged containers for imports was, as of November 1st, there were 28,358 containers in arrears.

In response to this, from November 15th, they began imposing excess charges on trucks for containers that have been unloaded for more than nine days.

As the result, as of November 24th, the number of such containers had dropped to 16,157.

From November 1st to 24th, the number of trees decreased from about 28,000 to 16,000, a decrease of about 40%.

For railroads that are penalized for staying longer than 6 days,

As of Nov. 11th: 1,634 ships
As of Nov. 24th: 319 ships

There was also a large decrease in this category.

Future Tasks

Even though the number of offshore stagnant containers has decreased, there are still problems.

-Increase in container shipping volume toward the end of the year.
-What the congestion situation is like inland.
-Lack of manpower to load and unload cargo at warehouses and factories.
-Shortage of drivers and chassis for returning empty containers.

The average number of Corona infections in North America is 73,000 people per day, with about 800 deaths. In this sense, the manpower situation is a matter of concern.

It’s hard to say yet since we only have information on partial improvements in the port.

We cannot be optimistic yet, but we need to get information about inland, manpower and chassis shortage.

I will continue to update the information.