What Takes to Digitalize in International Logistics! The Important Perspective. IT Personnel to the Logistics Industry.

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Today, I would like to talk about “what is necessary for digitalization of logistics.”

Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 18th Jan. 2022

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Digitalization of Logistics Industory

We often hear that the industry is lagging behind in the digitalization of logistics and that it is necessary.

As for the digitalization of forwarders, the term “digital forwarder” was introduced some time ago.

There is a trend coming for forwarders to go digital to streamline their booking and quoting process.

It is not enough to digitalize the forwarder itself.

The creation of something that can centrally manage the information, such as customs clearance, trucks, and shippers related to the forwarder will allow each logistics to run smoothly.

For example, by sharing data, we can check a customer’s inventory and calculate ocean freight based on demand forecasts.

In the customs clearance process, instead of customs agents assigning HS code, it would be possible to simplify the process by having the customer provide materials of the product and its use, and AI would generate HS code.

Difficulty of Digitalization in Logistics Industory

The reason this has been difficult to achieve is that in logistics, there are separate companies for shippers, forwarders, shipping companies and so on.

The systems used by each company are different, and it is quite difficult to connect them.

Before connecting each company on a large platform, we need first to manage their data in a system.

Instead of hand-writing slips and managing documents in an analog manner, we need to digitalize and convert them to data first.

Then, we would create a large platform for each company’s data, which able to connect them.

IT Perssonel to Logistics Industory

The problem is that the people in the trade section of each company are not very IT-savvy. The engineers, on the other hand, are not familiar with trade.

Therefore, I believe that we need people who can act as a bridge between trade and IT.

I would like to introduce IT personnel to the logistics industry at the recruitment company I am going to start.

I wanted to tell people in the logistics industry that we should definitely start to digitalize.

That’s all for today. Thank you.