JapanFuse Launches “PortX”. Centralized Management of Operations on PF. Digitalization International Logistics.

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Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 2nd Feb. 2022

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JapanFuse Launches “PortX”

JapanFuse, a company in Japan working on the digitalization of international logistics, will begin full-scale provision of “PortX”, a digital platform that streamlines quotation operations.

About JapanFuse

The president of JapanFuse, Mr. Ishida, is a very young man who started this service when he graduated from university.

Last year, I received an inquiry from him via Twitter and we talked about the international logistics industry.

Now, “PortX”, which I’m going to introduce here, was developed, and it was even published in the Maritime Journal, which is really amazing.

Services of “PortX”

“PortX” is a digital platform that streamlines quotation operations, targeting shippers engaged in international logistics, such as overseas procurement, production and trade.

Each forwarder or 3PL business has a different format for international logistics estimates.

At our company, quotes from shipping companies come in lists, or are answered on line, and the format is different each time.

Estimate Compilation Works

Even when quotes are received from shipping companies and forwarders, it is very difficult for shippers to put them together. Each company transcribes the data into Excel or their own system, where there is a risk of input errors.

These tasks are simple, but they are also difficult to outsource for information that cannot be openly shared.

Need for Information Sharing

In some cases, different people are in charge of different projects, and information is not shared properly.

In fact, in our sales department, each person is responsible for getting estimates, and information management and sharing is not done well, and I feel there is a lot of waste.

This is even more of a problem for large companies.

“PortX” aims to solve these problems by providing a platform for quotation operations.

Work on the Platform

Starting in February, “PortX” will be offered on a full-scale basis in response to “spot projects” and “regular bidding projects”.

User companies will be able to send bulk quote requests to businesses registered on the platform. The quotations answered are automatically tabulated, and price comparison tables can be created automatically.

Expected to Reduce Communication Cost

In this case, forwarders and 3PL are also expected to reduce the communication costs of sending emails and confirmations.

Forwarders can also just enter the amount in a snap.

By completing a series of tasks on the platform, the number of man-hours required for estimating can reportedly be reduced by a factor of six compared to traditional methods.

Centralized Management Avoids Duplication of Work and Information

On the client side, information can be shared within the organization, thus avoiding personalization of work and information. I think this is a major factor.

For example, each person in charge has to print out the quotes, compare them, store the data, and keep the documents separately, which is quite a lot of paperwork.

Cost of “PortX” Services

There is no initial installation fee for “PortX.”

This type of system development can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, “PortX” provides software via the cloud, so there are no additional development costs for additional functions.

It takes only a few weeks to install, and the monthly operation fee is set flexibly according to the scale and issues of the customer.

I personally think it is a good service.

A Little Later for the Display of Container Space

It’s a little scary as a forwarder to be able to look at just the price in a place, where it’s a simple comparison of quotes, but as a shipper, you can get a general idea of the market price.

However, even if you choose the lowest price from the quotes that come up, whether you can get the space is another story.

I think it will be a little later to show the remaining space on the ship, as the API of the shipping company needs to be released.

Solving Problems with His Own Skills

I think it’s really amazing that student who is just about to graduate from college is interviewing people in the industry, finding problems on his own, and trying to solve them with programming, which is something our generation is not very good at.

As an ordinary IT engineer, it is difficult to find challenges.

However, President Ishida has brought the issue to the point of solving it with his programming skills, and I think he is an excellent and viable president.

Generations in Digitalization

When it comes to Digitalization, young people are better at it. Isn’t it the role of the older generation to encourage and support these talented young people?

The older generation has built up a network of contacts and experience.

Therefore, I would like to see a more widespread culture of the older generation using their experience to support the younger generation, instead of ending up with “I don’t know, I don’t understand.”.

“PortX” is free of charge, so why don’t you inquire about it?

That’s all for today. Thank you.