Container Handling Volume Ranking of Ocean Forwarder in 2021. China and U.S. Breakthrough

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Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 7th June 2022

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Top 5

Transport Topics, U.S. logistics media outlet, recently compiled a ranking of the major ocean forwarders’ handling volumes for 2021.

Top 5 are following:

1st: Kühne & Nagel, approx. 4.6 million TEU
2nd: Sinotrans, approx. 3.7 million TEU
3rd: DHL, approx. 3.1 million TEU
4th: DSV, approx. 290 TEU
5th: DB Schenker, approx. 2.2 million TEU

Year-Over-Year Increase Due to Acquisitions

From the top to fifth place, the rankings remain unchanged, but in terms of year-over-year growth, DSV increased 31% with the acquisition of Middle East Logistics Agility.

In third place, DHL Group, up 10.9% year over year, strengthened its ocean freight division with the August 2021 acquisition of Hillebrand Group.

Kühne & Nagel and Sinotrans were down 1.4% and 0.5%, respectively, from the previous year.

The top 5 saw their numbers increase significantly due to acquisitions.

6th to 10th Place

From 6th to 10th place are follows:

6th: LX Pantos
7th: CH Robinson
8th: Ceva Logistics
9th: Kelly Logistics
10th: Expeditors

Each of the forwarders ranked 6th through 10th increased their numbers by around 20% from the previous year.

Japanese-affiliated Companies

The following Japanese-affiliated logistics companies are ranked after Nippon Express, which is No. 18, 750,000 TEU

19th: Yusen Logistics, 720,000 TEU
22nd : Kintetsu Express, 640,000 TEU
29th : Hitachi Transport System, 440,000 TEU
40th : Nissin, 200,000 TEU

Except for Nippon Express, the figures for all other companies dropped from the previous year.

This may be due to the fact that no vessels called at Japanese ports last year and there was no space to carry cargo in the first place.

China and U.S. Breakthrough

The presence of forwarders based in China, a major shipping destination, also continues to be significant.

In addition to Sinotrans, which ranked 2nd in the top 10, Hong Kong Kerry Logistics ranked 9th, and Chinese and Hong Kong companies accounted for 9 of the 50 companies.

U.S. companies also doubled in number from four in 2008 to eight.

Demand for China-North America routes swelled in 2021, and shipping companies also allocated space on the China to North America dollar route.

Japanese Companies in 2022

Japan is negotiating for Service Contract for 2022, with space priority and higher prices.

In 2021, the price was $3,000 for 40′ for Los Angeles, but in 2022, the price is around $10,000 for 40′ for Los Angeles and $15,000 – $20,000 for New York.

With more vessels coming to Japan, there is a possibility of growth this year compared to the previous year.