CMA-CGM Japan Opens Up API! The Era of Selling Data Has Arrived

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Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 9th June 2022

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CMA-CGM’s API Service

CMA-CGM Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of French shipping company CMA-CGM, held an online seminar on June 8 to introduce its new service, API Solutions.

The seminar introduced an overview of API, its usage benefits, and fee plans.

Service Description

By linking CMA-CGM and customer systems via API, schedules, rates, and booking information can be exchanged on the system in real time.

This service simplifies data exchange and improves productivity.

Inquiries such as the vessel’s ETD can be automatically and instantaneously answered via the API.

To a New Era

Expedia or Agoda, will show only a few rooms left, or one room left, but I think it is a bit crucial to see if the number of spaces left is displayed.

API has a short time to implementation and can be in a few weeks in the earliest case.

It can also be used across departments, regardless of corporate structure, and can be linked to multiple shipping companies.

By using API solution, necessary information and its updates are delivered directly to the system, eliminating the time spent on traditional phone calls and email confirmations.

Real-time and up-to-date cargo information will be available, and data can also be output for comparison with other shipping companies.

As other shipping companies open their API, the digital forwarder platform will be able to list them.

I think those times will come sooner or later, but since CMA-CGM has taken this step, it may be sooner than expected.

The Era of Selling Data

The service offers five packages by function.

The service is offered in the following three fee structures for each package;

For example, Starter, which provides information linkage such as schedules, transportation information, and detentions, demurrage, as well as access to BL copies, with a cap of 10,000 inquiries, is available for $139 per month.

Reading this article, I felt that the time has come to sell data.

API allows CMA-CGM to reduce labor costs and also to profit from the sale of the data, thus killing two birds with one stone.

It will be interesting to see what other shipping companies do in the future, and I personally believe that digitalization will continue to advance.

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