Sales Method Changed in the Corona Pandemic. Use of SNS.

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I would like to broadcast IINO san’s Logistics Radio.

Today, instead of news, I would like to talk about the topic of “changes in the sales of logistics in the Corona pandemic” when I talked with a Japanese forwarder yesterday.

Daily Logistics Radio by IINO san in 23rd Dec. 2021

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Sales of Logistics

The sales process for logistics companies is usually based on phone calls and introductions.

The Japanese forwarder I talked to this time is using social networking to connect with people for work, which is a modern way of working. I think they are in the minority in the logistics industry.

I also use social networking sites to send out information, and I think the number of new customers I get from these sites is quite large.

When I think about sales efficiency, in my experience, for example, if I call for an hour to make an appointment, I can only get a few appointments.

I think it’s a big deal that it’s easier to get inquiries from your followers and connections on SNS.

Since I also have English Channel of YouTube, I receive many inquiries from overseas, and in many cases, work for overseas clients is decided there.

I have started sending out information through the Corona Pandemic and have changed my sales methods, and have seen the effects.

Necessity of Change of Sales Method

The Japanese forwarder also said that he sends out information and connects his online connections to the real world. The other salespeople in that company seem to be taking the same approach as before Corona, however, in that way, they can’t meet people.

If they are an existing customer, it might be easier to do things like phone calls or Zoom, but if a new customer, it is hard to suddenly ask for Zoom.

I think there is a way to increase communication through the Internet and get introduction from there.

With the current disruption in the supply chain, it will be easier to get work if you have the strength to acquire space, however, it is due to Company’s some strength.

As an individual salesperson, you have no control over this, so what you should do as an individual is, as I mentioned, to use social networking sites and send out information to make connections online and get introduction.

However, it doesn’t mean that telephone sales are bad. It depends on the situation. “This is the only weapon we have” is still a weakness.

If you take advantage of the convenience of the Internet, you will become the one of choice in the logistics industry, as there are few people who use social networking sites for sales.

The times have changed drastically with Corona, and we cannot continue to do the same things we have done in the past.

I believe that those who can adapt to these new changes will be able to survive.