e-Learning of Logistics! Free contents for beginner staff training.

This page is made for the beginners of logistics in the company.

If you need to learn logistics for your job, I hope this page will be a good support for you. All contents are explained by “Videos” and “Picture & Text”.

There are not only the basic contents such as Incoterms and B/L, but also there are some contents explaining about technical contents such as EPA, Phytosanitary Certificate and Health Certificate.


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Trading Business

1. Basic of knowledge of Global Trade
2. Various transactions in Trade
3. Marketing for Successful Trade Sales
4. How to find suppliers
5. Environmental Protection in Trade!


1-1. Basic Incoterms – EXW/FOB/CFR/CIF/DAP/DDP
1-2. About Ex-Works
1-3. About FOB and FCA
1-4. About CFR/CIF/CPT/CIP
1-5. About DAP/DPU/DDP
1-6. INCOTERMS 4 Groups
1-7. How to determine Incoterms
1-8. About EX-WORKS (Revised Ver.)
1-9. About FOB (Revised Ver.)
1-10. About C Group (Revised Ver.)
1-11. About D Group (Revised Ver.)

About B/L

2-1. Role and Flow of B/L
2-2. Type of B/L – Original B/L, Surrendered B/L, Sea Waybill
2-3. Difference between House B/L and Master B/L
2-4. Difference between Freight Prepaid and Freight Collect
2-5. Common troubles with B/L
2-6. Explanation Flow and Role of B/L (Revised Version)
2-7. Type of B/L(Revised Version)
2-8. The Difference between Freight Prepaid and Freight Collect (Revised Version)
2-9. About Endorsement of B/L
2-10. Flow of Master B/L of Ocean Freight Forwarding by Container

About Sea and Air Shipment

3-1. Logistics Flow by Sea shipment
3-2. How to write Invoice and Packing List
3-3. Difference between Free Time, Demurrage and Detention
3-4. Type of Container (Dry, Reefer, Open Top, Flat Rack, ISO Tank)
3-5. DG cargo transportation
3-6. LCL cargo transportation
3-7. Difference between Actual Weight and Volume Weight
3-8. About Packing for logistics
3-9. About LSS – Low Sulfur Surcharge
3-10. About L/C (Letter of Credit)
3-11. About Insurance for logistics *coming soon
3-12. Off Shore Trade
3-13. About Air Waybill *coming soon
3-14. About Freight Forwarder Job *coming soon
3-15. How to choose good Freight Forwarder
3-16. Difference between Freight Forwarder and Courier
3-17. About Drayage/Inland transportation *coming soon
3-19. A description of Air Waybill
3-21. Sea Shipment -SOC container
3-23. How to choose 20 foot and 40 foot containers
3-24. Over-gauge cargo transportation
3-26. Land Bridge Transportation -Sea and Rail-
3-27. Land Bridge Transportation ~Sea and Air, Cross Border Truck~
3-28. The basic knowledge of Cargo Insurance 1 – Insured Amount and Insurance Premium
3-29. The basic knowledge of Cargo Insurance 2 – Timing of applying insurance ?
3-30. Decarbonized fuel in shipping industry. Explained LNG, Ammonia, Hydrogen and Methanol
3-31. About Transshipment of Ocean Transportation
3-32. How long will soaring ocean freight rates continue?
3-33. The Latest World Ranking of Container handling volume at ports in 2020
3-34. 【Forwarder2.0】The age of the digital forwarder. How small and medium-sized companies will fight for the future
3-35. Considerations for the Shipping Market Due to China’s Electricity Shortage
3-36. About Collection of CO2
3-37. The Flow of Good, Document, Money in Marine Transportation
3-38. The Role of Arrival Notice and the Flow of Cargo Pickup
3-39. Daily Flow of Trade Operation
3-40. About Shipping Company
3-41. Explanation of L/C Contents
3-42. Settlement Methods in Trade Transactions Vol.1 – L/C, D/A, D/P
3-46. Institute Cargo Clauses and Insurance Treaties

Shipping and Other regulation

4-1. About Shipping Specialist Job
4-2. About HS Code
4-3. About basic of EPA * coming soon
4-4. How to import Frozen Chicken in Japan *coming soon
4-5. FDA registration in Thailand
4-6. How to export Used Clothing efficiently
4-8. Basic Knowledge of Customs Tariff/Duty
4-9. Basic of Bonded Logistics
4-10. About Bonded Area
4-11. The importance of Bonded at Trade Job
4-12. About Bonded Transportation
4-13. About Manifest in Marine Transportation
4-14. About North America 24-hour Rule for Ocean Transportation
4-15. Rank Order of Application of Tariff Rates
4-16. About ATA Carnet

IINO san’s Logistics Free Talk

5-1. Why became a logistics YouTuber
5-2. History of Container Transportation – “The BOX”
5-3. Why Container Shortage in 2020
5-4. The effect of container shortages in 2020
5-5. What is the new normal for the logistics industry after container shortages?
5-6. The characteristics of bad freight forwarding sales people
5-7. Is a freight forwarders job busy?
5-9. The current container shortages after the Lunar New Year
5-11. A Container Ship blocked in the Suez Canal
5-12. The difference between sales and marketing.
5-14. Trade Practices of Manufacturers and Trading Companies
5-16. 5 Things to Do for the New Sales of Freight Forwarder! If IINO san is new Forwarder sales.
5-17. On changing jobs in forwarder sales
5-18. Job interviews for forwarder sales
5-19. Necessary information when you request the quotation to forwarders
5-20. What are the strengths and weaknesses of forwarders?

Logistics Quiz

6-1.The 1st – Logistics Quiz
6-2.The 2nd – Logistics Quiz

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